Jacques Lefebvre, Chief Executive Officer Image for Jacques Lefebvre

Jacques Lefebvre joined the Dairy Farmers of Canada as Chief Executive Officer in January 2018, after leading the Dairy Processors Associations of Canada as its President and Chief Executive Officer for two years.

His career spans over 25 years and includes experience in senior management, government relations, strategic affairs, stakeholder relations, communications, change management and journalism. 

He began his career as a journalist covering a broad spectrum of issues for both television and radio, including politics as a national affairs reporter. In 1996, he was elected President of the Parliamentary Press Gallery. Building on this experience, he transitioned into the federal government and held senior positions with Cabinet Ministers. 

Jacques Lefebvre has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communications and a Masters degree in Public Ethics. His executive development includes strategic planning, marketing and a certification from the New York Reputation Institute.

Jacques lives in Chelsea, Quebec with his wife Julia and their son Cedric.

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