Making Dollars and Sense – The Seven Practices of Canada's Top Farmers

In an ever-changing and increasingly complex global marketplace, farmers face intensifying volatility from trade relations, weather, pests and disease and consumer trends, among other factors. Because of this, they must manage the social, economic and environmental impacts of farming like never before.

The business-savvy farmer is positioned to carve out a steady path for sustainable growth and prosperity. Heather will walk you through the 7 management practices driving farm success, the financial gain farmers can expect from adopting these practices, and how to make farm business management a reality on your farm. Through interactive exercises, you will take stock of your farm management practices and opportunities to drive performance through management excellence. Find out who and what should be in your Farm Management Toolbox including the learning opportunities, resources and support available to unleash your potential.

The cost to attend the session is an additional $15 per attendee.

Presented by Heather Watson

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