Featured Speakers

We have an exciting panel of speakers lined up for this year's Conference.

Dr. Andrew Samis

Dr. Andrew Samis has a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and PhD in Biology from Queen’s University, as well as an MD, general surgery fellowship, and critical care medicine fellowship also from Queen’s...(read more)

Dan Wong

Dan Wong is President of the Western Dairy Council, the trade association for dairy processors in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Prior to the formation of the Western Council in June 2017, he took on the role of Executive Director for both the British Columbia and Alberta Dairy Councils... (read more)

Head Shot Dan Wong

Dr. Herman Barkema

Dr. Henry Barkema completed his DVM degree at Utrecht University, The Netherlands, in 1988.  He spent 2½ years as manager of a large dairy and beef herd in Costa Rica, then taught bovine herd health at Utrecht University and worked as an epidemiologist for the Dutch Animal Health Service while completing his PhD... (read more)

Head Shot Herman Barkema

Cedric MacLeod, MSc., PAg

Cedrick grew up in Carleton County, New Brunswick working in the family concrete construction business.  He developed an early love for agriculture with encouragement from his dad and many construction jobs being in the agricultural field... (read more)

Head Shot Cedric MacLeod

Howard Lichtman, MBA, JD

Howard Lichtman is a founding Partner of Ethnicity Multicultural Marketing + Advertising. Ethnicity is Canada’s leading authority in marketing and communications to a multicultural world.  Their mission is to help shape and develop culturally-driven strategies and ideas for visionary brands that want to win a disproportionate share of the consumer market...(read more)

Head Shot Howard Lichtman

Bobby Sahni, MBA

Bobby Sahni is a veteran and thought-leader in the multicultural marketing industry.  Bobby was the Head of Multicultural Marketing at Rogers Communications and has been a pioneer in developing, executing and managing diversity and multicultural marketing initiatives for over 15 years... (read more)

Head Shot Bobby Sahni

Frédéric Seppey

Frédéric Seppey is Assistant Deputy Minister of the Market and Industry Services Branch and Canada’s Chief Agriculture Negotiator at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC).  His responsibilities include trade negotiations, agriculture and agri-food sectoral competitiveness, and the department regional operations...(read more)

Head Shot Frederic Seppey