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In 1929 UBC brought Scottish immigrants John and Mary Young, along with their six children, 24 Ayrshire cows and one bull to its Point Grey farm. Two years later, with the onset of the Great Depression, UBC decided to terminate its farm employees and close the farm. As a last minute plan for survival, herdsman John Young leased the farm from UBC and used revenue from milk sales to operate it. As a result of Young’s foresight and dedication the farm was saved and a strong foundation for dairy cattle research was established at UBC leading eventually to development of the Dairy Education and Research Centre in 1996. You are encouraged to join the Young family and friends in developing an endowed scholarship supporting a student at the Dairy Centre. This year’s recipient of the John and Mary Young Memorial Scholarship, MSc student Amber Itle, DVM, is studying on-farm assessment of dairy cow welfare.

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