If you are interested in having the Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience visit your school or event please take a look at our requirements:  


Mandatory Requirements:

  • Schools must complete a request form.
  • Schools must have enough room for a 12x34 foot truck and trailer to move, maneuver and park
  • Access to running water (optional)
  • 15amps/110 volt electrical outlet
  • Minimum of 120 students participating in total (divided between 2-4 presentations)
  • School staff must organize audience members/groups in an orderly fashion and ensure they respect and act appropriately around livestock   
  • Schools must arrange for a staff member to be on site when the dairy classroom arrives at the school for set up (typically at 8am)

Recommended Requirements:

  • Volunteer supervision during reccess
  • Access to a maintenance room (if available)
  • Covered area for audience in case of bad weather



Mandatory Requirements:

  • Events must complete a request form and sign a Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience agreement form prior to booking the classroom for their event
  • Events must have enough room for a 12x34 foot truck and trailer to move, maneuver and park in addition to a 10x20 foot space to set up a pen
  • Events must supply the Community Outreach Coordinator with the requested number of exhibitor entry and parking passes. Preferably mailed out 2 weeks before the event. 
  • Event organizers must provide dairy classroom staff with a site map of event grounds
  • The Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience shall remain in the same condition as received.  Any damage is the responsibility of the User.  
  • 15amps/110 volt electrical outlet
  • Access to running water   
  • Events that run for multiple days must provide shelter, bedding and feed for the animals; this must be arranged with dairy classroom staff before a contract is signed.   

Recommended Requirements:

  • Volunteers provided by the event to help set up and take down exhibit
  • Access to a maintenance room (if available)
  • Schedule of events and announcements of dairy classroom presentation times
  • Media notification of the presence of the dairy classroom at the event

What others are saying

Please put us on your list for next year. The kids are a buzzing.

Vancouver School Teacher