Cameron Pollard’s Industry Profile

About Cameron

Cameron Pollard is a Dairy Farm Herdsperson / Herd Supervisor working in the Fraser Valley area. Cameron works with a farm owner and his two sons plus other part time workers and together they are responsible for milking approximately 250 cows twice a day.

How Did You Get Involved In The Dairy Industry?

I started out working on my uncle’s farm at the level of a milker technician. After working on some other jobs I committed to dairy farm work. Over the past 10 years I have worked my way up to my position of Herdsperson/Herd Manager.

How Would You Describe A Typical Day On The Job?

The main work involves all areas of animal care from milking to young stock, feeding, breeding program operation and animal health management. There is also computer program herd management operations and supervising and team management. The workday starts at an early hour with an extended break during the day for taking care of your personal activity needs and weekend responsibilities are shared amongst the staff on a rotational basis.

What Are Some Skills And Aptitudes Required On Your Job?

People skills, communication, quality management, computer operation skills and animal welfare and handling skills. You must be willing to be part of a team and work responsibly and independently.

What Are Some Attractions And Benefits Of Your Career In Dairy Farming?

There is lots of variety of work in spite of a steady routine. There is lots of flexibility to fit personal needs to the work schedule amongst the team. There is time for recreation and family activities, such as childcare, fishing, hunting, etc. A rural area is a great place to bring up a family. There is satisfaction in a steady accomplishment. Some of my benefits include housing, transportation support and meat and milk supplies. Wages are quite competitive compared to other community jobs.

What Else Can You Tell Me About The Dairy Industry?

We are looking after the welfare of our most important asset, our cattle, and our work is all about animal care and their well being. We have a unique responsibility in that we work hard to take care of the animals we raise, in order to produce a high quality product that is important to the health of society. We provide a clean wholesome and pure food product that is very important to almost everyone in society- the demand never goes away. We are involved in a “green” industry which deals with natural products and processes.