Heidi Schurmann’s Industry Profile

About Heidi

Heidi Schurmann, 26 is a Dairy Feed Sales & Service Representative for Clearbrook Grain in Abbotsford. Heidi has been working in the dairy industry since 2001 and has been with Clearbrook Grain for about a year. In her spare time, Heidi enjoys riding horses, teaching and competing.

How Did You Get Involved In The Dairy Industry?

I wanted to work in the Agriculture Industry and I heard about the Milker Training Program at the University College of the Fraser Valley so I took that. I went on to the Agriculture Labour Pool for employment and did some milking at various locations. I also took pre-vet school in Alberta and did some milking in that school year as well.

How Would You Describe A Typical Day On The Job?

I usually have breakfast/morning meetings two days a week. I visit my customers (dairy farms) on a daily basis and find out their needs, test forage samples (grass, corn, alfalfa). I look at inventories for feed and balance rations based on inventory of forages and availability. I do feed analysis for dairy cows and put together nutrition balancing.

What Type Of Environment Do You Work In?

I do all the balance & rations in the office but I’m mostly on the road visiting the dairy farms. My clients range from Pitt Meadows to Chilliwack.

What Do You Like About The Dairy Industry And Your Job?

I like the agriculture industry especially the dairy side of things. I think it is a progressive industry. It is an industry that does quite well so they have the capability and money to research how to make things better and keep up with the times. You get sciences and agriculture at the same time which I like.

What Are The Benefits To The Dairy Industry?

It is pretty flexible and not as strict as some other environments might be. I like dealing with animals. I don’t think there is as much stress as a typical city job. If you need time off, it is pretty easy flexible. It is a great part time job or full time job. I could make at least $20 an hour as a milker and still continue with school at the same time. That was much better money than working at a gas station.

What Are Some Important Traits Or Skills Someone Should Posses For The Dairy Industry?

You should be hard working. There is no easy way around things. You must have attention to detail because the earlier you catch the problems the better. If you are going to be a herdsperson, you must know more technology as technology is becoming more integrated into the dairy industry.