Frequently Asked Questions by Employers

What Are My Duties And Obligations As A Sponsor?

Being a sponsor is a very important role and critical to the success of the apprenticeship. Download this booklet to see what is required and expected of you when you sponsor an apprentice.

Do I Need To Register To Sponsor An Apprentice?

Yes.  A sponsor is registered with the ITA and is a legal entity (e.g. a company or organization) or a certified tradesperson or equivalent.  A sponsor provides an apprentice with the opportunity to learn on the job.  The sponsor, along with the apprentice reports progress towards program requirements.

To register you simply need to obtain your Equivalency ID Number from the ITA. You can either download the application package here or contact Greenbelt Veterinary Services for further information.

What If I Want To Take On An Apprentice?

If you are looking for apprentice to sponsor, please contact Greenbelt Veterinary Services. 

What Are The Tax Benefits For Apprentices?

There are several tax benefits available to employers – learn how you can receive up to $2000 for sponsoring an apprentice. Click here to learn more.

Can I Sponsor My Son or Daughter As An Apprentice?

Yes, anyone can sponsor an apprentice as long as they meet the sponsorship criteria and can provide the apprentice will exposure to the full scope of the trade.

How Long Is An Apprentice At School?

The in-school technical training component of the program is 5 weeks in total and is delivered in modules between 1 to 2 weeks in length during winter and early spring.

How Long Is The Apprenticeship Program?

It takes an apprentice between 1 to 2 years to complete the apprenticeship program. An apprentice is required to complete 1000 hours of work experience and their technical training before they can apply to write the provincial exam.

What Does The Program Cover?

If you would like to look at what is involved in the training please click here.  You can also click here to view the program profiles.

How Much Does It Cost To Sponsor An Apprentice?

In some trades apprentices takes the technical training on their own time and are not paid a wage for the hours they are attending school. In others, an employer may pay the apprentice wages while they are at school. It is up to the employer / sponsor and apprentice to determine this relationship.

In most cases apprentices pay their own technical training tuitiong and related costs. Upon a successful complettion of their trade credential, apprentices may be eligible for a grant which can offset the cost of tuition.