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Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC), a national group run by producers and for producers, funds various research projects in the dairy industry. These projects concentrate in the areas of: Animal Welfare; Environment; Feeding; Genetics; Health; Herd Management; & Reproduction.

Dairy Farmers of Canada invests up to $1.7 million per year into health and nutrition research and dairy research in Canada. It administers and funds three research programs on a cost-sharing basis to encourage the industry to invest in research and development. Research is funded in partnership with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the National Science and Engineering Research Council.

Dairy Farmers of Canada is proud to support Canadian research in the fields of dairy production, in particular, research that advances our understanding and improve animal health, production and well-being, minimize our impact on the environment.
The research priorities for dairy production research in Canada are:
    •    Realize greater efficiency;
    •    Improve animal health and welfare;
    •    Enhance production methods that respect the environment;
    •    Improve dairy research facilities in Canada;
    •    Make funds available to genetic improvement and breeding programs.

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