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Launched in 2003, the Canada - British Columbia EFP Program will complement and enhance the current environmental stewardship practices of British Columbian producers.


After the signing of a bilateral agreement June 13, 2003, the Canada - British Columbia Environmental Farm Plan Program was initiated. It is a partnership between Agriculture and Agri-food Canada (AAFC), the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands (BCMAL) and the BC Agriculture Council (BCAC). The program is to be delivered by the BCAC as a third party delivery agent.

EFP vision

A sustainable agriculture industry in British Columbia

EFP values

Protection of the land Enhancement of the effectiveness and competitiveness of farms and ranches Open and transparent communication, except where protection of confidentiality is needed Building partnerships

EFP aims and objectives

Encourage farmers and ranchers to be better stewards of the land; Ensure the future of the BC agricultural industry through the further implementation of Beneficial Management Practices; Foster partnerships with agencies Be a proactive process to help farmers and ranchers identify environmental opportunities and risks on their own land; Be confidential and voluntary Raise awareness of progress being made on the land; Improve farm profitability Improve the public perception of agriculture Reduce conflicts between agriculture and environmental interest Reduce wildlife impacts to agricultural lands.

Members and structure

The BCAC is the delivery agent, through its Environment Programs Committee, EFP Coordinators, producer organizations and producers.


Agriculture Environment Stewardship Initiative funds delivered through the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC from AAFC have been made available for program initiation. The BCMAL supplies additional resources, such as personnel and facilities.

Contact Information

Dave Melnychuck, PAg,

Environmental Farm Planning Advisor

Telephone: 604-812-3276

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