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There have been upgrades to the Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) and the Beneficial Management Practices (BMP) programs which will take effect on Janury 01, 2012.

These improvements include the following:

The B.C. Agriculture Research and Development Corporation (ARDCorp) will begin accepting applications for BMP funding on January 1, 2012. This represents a three-month jumpstart on the process, before producers become busy when spring arrives;

Producers can access more funds per project than ever before. Funding maximums are boosted in almost all of the beneficial management practices (BMPs) categories, ranging from a $5,ooo for composting of agricultural waste to $50,000 for recycling waste water. Funding maximums for most of the categories were doubled;

Neighbouring producers can share efforts in submitting an BMP application, provided they share the same BMP category, without having to share the funding maximum for that category (i.e., producers in the application may be able to claim the full funding maximum individually).

Additional information on these key updates can be found on the attached document.

For more information about the EFP-BMP Programs, application process, and eligibility criteria, please contact:

Heather Carriere
EFP Program Manager, ARDCorp
Tel: 604.854.4483

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