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Once producers have implemented the CQM program on their farms, they can apply to become registered with the program. Producers who are registered with CQM have effectively implemented CQM on their farms, demonstrated through a validation that they comply with the requirements, and made a commitment to maintain the program.

After a producer applies for registration, the provincial association sends a validator to the farm to assess the farms compliance with the CQM requirements. Validators use a checklist similar to the questionnaire in the CQM workbook, and they review records, observe practices on the farm and interview personnel. Upon successful completion of the validation, the provincial association issues a farm-specific registration number and sends a CQM certificate to the farm. Registered producers then continue to maintain the program and keep records and they are validated every year to ensure they still meet requirements.

Registration with the CQM program does not indicate or imply the registration of products or guarantee the safety of any products.

Implementation of the CQM program will positively affect the entire Canadian dairy industry, and producers choosing to take the next step and become registered will be able to demonstrate their compliance with food safety requirements.

DFC is committed to maintaining and managing the CQM program effectively and efficiently to ensure dairy producers have a credible program that is consistently implemented across the country and is beneficial to all dairy producers.

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