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The dairy industry in British Columbia has a long and rich history. The deep roots of the industry can still be found on the hundreds of local farms in the Fraser Valley and throughout the province. Remains of old barns and processing yards have been renovated and updated to reflect a more modern and technologically advanced industry. However, there are still rumours that some of the old remains still echo a voice into the modern age. 

There are rumours that years after the old Sardis Milk Plant shut down, visitors could still hear the ghosts of previous employees. Throughout the old production area one could hear ghosts of employees clanging their wrenched trying to get the old powdered milk dryer working. The plant has been torn down since then and now consists of residential housing but some say you can still hear the clanging every so often. 

For more information about the history of the BC dairy industry, visit the BC Dairy Historical Society:

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