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BC Dairy Association is in the process of building a group buying program for the dairy producers of British Columbia. We all know that you can obtain better pricing and deals when you purchase things in bulk, by combining the buying power of all 515 active dairy farms in BC we will be able to obtain better pricing on everyday farm expenses.

BC Dairy Association will be organizing and managing this program. We will be responsible for working with suppliers and individual dairy farms interested in participating in this program. The first step in establishing this program is to get a complete understanding of what our dairy farmers are spending on their farms. We will be reaching out to all dairy farmers through a survey company named IPSOS to discuss on-farm expenses. The survey will focus on the following expenses:
- Telecommunications
- Fuel
- Chemicals
- Insurance

Once we have a solid understanding of what is being spent on the average farm we will be able to approach suppliers and negotiate better pricing for our group.

It is very important to us that all of the dairy farmers we represent are aware that this is a program for their benefit and the goal is to decrease on-farm expenses. Your participation is not mandatory but certainly appreciated. If you have any questions about this program please feel free to contact Nadia Shah at BC Dairy Association.

Program Contact:

Nadia Shah, Project Manager BC Dairy Association

P: 604.294.3775

F. 604.294.8199


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