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Meet the Haambuckers Family

Thys Haambuckers immigrated to Canada in 1981, and met his wife Wilma – a dairy farmer’s daughter from Chilliwack, BC – along the way. Thys and Wilma settled in the Okanagan Valley in the Deep Creek area where they purchased their first farm. The valley was fertile and their passion for dairy farming was flourishing.

Thys and Wilma have three sons, two of which still work on the dairy farm.  The entire family works in agriculture and is closely connected to the dairy industry. “It’s neat watching these animals develop from a young calf to a milking cow, each with their own personality that you can get to know and love.” They share this love for dairy farming as they watch the progression every day of what they’ve accomplished, all while having their family by their side.

Buying local is important to the Haambuckers family not only because it supports BC’s economy, but also because the products that come off BC dairy farms are wholesome and top-quality. “We should keep producing dairy from within British Columbia and not have to bring it in from elsewhere.”

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