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During on-farm Food Safety validations, permanent livestock treatment records (Record 10) often lack required information. As a result, corrective action requests are frequently issued for treatment records. A quick review prior to your validation can help ensure records are complete and up-to-date.

Your livestock treatment record must include the following details:

  • Animal ID
  • Treatment date
  • Product, dosage and mode of treatment
  • Withdrawal times for milk and meat (in hours/days)
  • Withdrawal completion dates for milk and meat
  • Expiry date check 
  • Farmer’s initials

A template is available for recording your cattle treatments. Please see the template below and contact our office if you require copies.

You can choose to use your own template or record your treatment records in a computer program. Regardless of your chosen recording method, you must include all the required information listed above.

Also, ensure you record all treatments with a milk or meat withdrawal. This includes all calf treatments, such as vaccines and pain control medications. Some farmers choose to keep a separate livestock treatment record book in their calf barn for calf treatments. This is an acceptable recording method as long as the validator can access the records during the validation.

Records must be kept for a year and be available at your validation. If you use a computer program to record your treatments, you must know how to access your treated cattle list. Further, you must show this list (and all the other required elements) to your validator.

Any time you treat a food-producing animal there is a risk that drug residues could enter the food supply. To reduce this risk, treatments must be recorded for animals of all ages and at all lactation stages.

If your treatment records are missing elements that pose a food safety risk, your validator will assign a major non-compliance. Following the validation, you will have 30 days to fix your treatment records and send a sample into our office.

If you have any questions about proAction or the validation process, or you require technical support to prepare for or follow-up on your validation, please contact Elizabeth Schouten at 604-294-3775 or 

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