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Ryan Walter is the President of the Abbotsford Heat, a former Stanley Cup winner and has an extensive list of notable hockey and business accomplishments. For this reason, we felt he would be a good person to talk to our industry about leadership.

Some of the key points that he brought forward to the group made us think about how we look at change. He pointed out that at the moment, there are four generations in the workplace that are affecting the way an organization can be lead. He suggested that change must also start at the top and work it’s way down.

One of the key thoughts that Ryan mentioned was to identify what part of our industry is fuelled by perception. He emphasized the need to decide what is substance and what is core to the industry. This really rang true to our audience in relation to protecting farming as a lifestyle and continuing to promote agriculture as an important part of our culture and economy.

Thank you to Ryan for his interesting talk about leadership. We hope to see you at some Abbotsford Heat games this season!

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