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Dairying and the use of dairy products is widely spread throughout the world. However, the products used and the ways they are used vary. This section of the web site provides a starting point for exploring the use of dairy products in various cuisines.

In India, milk is generally boiled before using. It is the basis for the cheese, paneer, and for many sweet desserts. As well, yogurt and buttermilk are commonly used for drinks, such as lassi, or as the basis for condiments, such as raita.

Milk is an important part of the diet in the United Kingdom, where it is used daily in tea. Milk is an ingredient in the many cream soup recipes found in this region, such as Cream of Asparagus Soup. As well, the region is home to many world-famous cheeses including Cheddar, Cheshire and Stilton.

Cheese is a key component of the Mediterranean diet and is often served as a separate course at the end of a meal. Italy is well-known for many fine cheeses, including mozzarella, parmesan and ricotta, that have become standard fare for many Canadians.

Middle Eastern countries are home to many cultured dairy products including yogurt. Yogurt is used as a beverage (diluted with sparkling water), in salad mixtures such as Persian spinach salad, and drained to make yogurt cheese. It is also drained further to make yogurt balls and even dried to a powder for reconstitution later.

Although most people don't associate the use of milk products with Asia, the use of milk is actually very common among the people of the northern provinces of China, where it used as a milk tea. In Southeast Asia, we find the use of evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk in desserts. Hong Kong, where people from all over China as well as other countries have mingled, is home to the Almond Jelly recipe on this website.

The cuisine of many South American countries is strongly influenced by the Spanish culture. Thus, we find many custard desserts and puddings featuring milk, evaporated milk and condensed milk. Arroz Doce is an example. Cafe con leche (coffee with boiled milk and sugar) is a common way to start the day for many South Americans.

Canada and the US are home to First Nations people and immigrants from all over the world, The cuisines of these two countries either adopt ingredients from or become unique fusions of the cuisines of many countries. For example, while Cheddar Cheese may have originated in England, Canada is now world-renowned for its own Canadian Cheddar, featured in Canadiana Cheddar Cheese Soup. Easy Calzone takes the idea of packaging cheese and other ingredients in a pocket of dough from the original Italian dish and fuse it with an ingredient borrowed from Mexico (tortilla) and a local ingredient (turkey sausage) to come up with a unique, Canadian recipe.

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