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The 2020 Milk Calendar is here!

BC Dairy Association is pleased to offer BC residents a complimentary copy of the 2020 Milk Calendar, presented in partnership with Dairy Farmers of Ontario. This year's Milk Calendar brings together the thoughts, ideas, and creativity of some of Canada's most revered culinary personalities. Their recipes and dishes provide a lens through which we can understand their unique and fully immersive view of who Canadians are, what we want and how we eat. 

Get cooking with milk, cream, and cheese in this year's milk calendar! A collection of recipes ranging from Artisan Mac n' Cheese Quartet to Chocolate Glazed Baked Pumpkin Doughnuts. From January to December, you can enjoy the dairy goodness found in the 2020 Milk Calendar.

If you are a resident of BC and would like to receive a calendar, order your complimentary copy from our convenient online form here.

Can't wait? We understand. Download the digital edition here.

Calendars will be mailed mid to late December. 

This offer is available to BC residents only and while quantities last

Updated: October 16, 2019

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