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Personal Factors

  • If you exercise less than three times a week, start to exercise more. Some of the best exercises for bone are walking, jogging, dancing, lifting weights, or any other weight-bearing activity. Check with your doctor before starting any new exercise program.
  • Quit or reduce smoking.
  • Ask your pharmacist or doctor if any medications you take interfere with calcium.
  • If you are underweight, consider gaining a few pounds through healthy eating and exercise.
  • If your menstrual periods are irregular or if you are going through menopause, check with your doctor for suitable advice.
  • Learn more about osteoporosis and what you can do to prevent it.

Dietary Factors

  • Make sure you get enough vitamin D.
  • Limit your alcohol intake to two or fewer drinks each day.
  • Limit your coffee intake to four cups or fewer each day. For a calcium boost, make one of those a caffè latte.

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