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Spring: March 21 – June 20

The fields are prepared for planting crops

  • Cows play a key role in nutrient recycling. They eat the plants; then their manure is used to fertilize the plants so that the farmers can grow healthy crops to feed the cows again.

Summer: June 21 – September 20
Growing crops

  • Grass, clover and alfalfa are usually harvested every 30 to 40 days.
  • The land is fertilized after each crop, and in drier regions it needs to be watered twice between crop rotations.

Fall: September 21 – December 20 
Harvesting and maintenance

  • Annual crops like corn are harvested in the fall. At this stage of growth they provide the best feed for dairy cows.
  • Crops are planted to protect the soil over the winter months. 

Winter: December 21 – March 20 

  • The winter months are used to plan for the next year’s growing season by reviewing the previous year’s crop failures and successes, and buying new equipment and supplies.

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