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Summer is here and while most of us are taking advantage of the sunshine, outdoor activities or relaxing in the shade, dairy farmers are busy at work.

In addition to managing their cows and farms, most dairy farmers begin to crop the corn they planted in the Spring. To ensure their crops are receiving adequate water dairy farmers will often have to set up or move pipelines along their fields for irrigation. Those who planted grass in the Spring will need to cut the new tall grass and ted it out. To ted grass means to shake it out so that it can dry and become fluffy hay. Once dry and fluffy, the hay is raked into a row and picked up in a bailer. Most dairy farmers grown their own corn and hay to provide feed for their cows year round.

While tending to their crops dairy farmers also have their regular duties of feeding, milking and cleaning after their cows. To ensure their cows are comfortable in the summer heat, some dairy barns are outfitted with large fans and water misters to keep the facilities and cows cool. Cows always have access to ample water and feed.

Farming is a year round job and summertime is extra busy for our dairy farmers. So, the next time you're enjoying everyone's favourite summertime cream...keep in mind all the hard work and dedication that went into it.

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