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Woman kneeling to pet a dairy cow in barn

Dairy farming can be hard work, but there are countless reasons why BC's dairy farmers love what they do. Working with family, caring for animals, and contributing safe, quality milk to their communities are just a few of the reasons why BC dairy farmers love their jobs. 

This month, we're featuring four dairy farmers in BC who really love what they do. 

Dairy farmer Sarah Sache

Meet Sarah Sache of West River Farm

Sarah is a dairy farmer in Rosedale, BC. Originally a city girl, Sarah uprooted her life to pursue her family’s passion for dairy farming. Through this, her love of providing food for her fellow Canadians grew.

Learn more about Sarah and her journey to farming.

Dairy Farmer Aretha Westenek

Meet Aretha Westenenk of Benco Holsteins

Aretha is a Chilliwack dairy farmer with a passion for animals and agriculture. As a dairy farmer, she loves providing food for families, just like her own.

Get to know Aretha, and how she followed her big dream. 

Dairy Farmer Julaine Treur

Meet Julaine Treur of Creekside Dairy

Julaine is a dairy farmer located in Agassiz, BC. Despite the changes in technology throughout the years, the driving force behind her family’s farming practices has remained the same. Julaine loves being a dairy farmer because she loves the land, her animals and being able to work alongside her family.

Check out Julaine's family farming story. 

Daiy Farmer Kristin Dahl

Meet Kristin Dahl of Dahlia Holsteins

As a dairy farmer in Abbotsford, BC Kristin loves the lifestyle that farming allows, and being able to work one-on-one with animals.

Hear more about Kristin's love of farming.

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