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Must Drink More Milk was a campaign that featured breakthrough creative focused on humorous scenarios, where drinking milk would have changed the situation outcome for the better. Each ad tells a story of a particular moment in the lives of some quirky characters and how milk could have changed it all.  Using humour, pathos and visual bizarreness, the delivery of the tagline “must drink more milk” is the whole point of each of these unique little stories.

In this new campaign, the need to drink more milk is always an internal dialogue.  It’s never preaching.  It’s always the individual frustrated with his or her performance, and saying to himself “must drink more milk.” Rather than preaching the benefits of milk, BC Dairy Foundation’s (BCDF) eclectic, new advertising campaign demonstrates the consequences of not drinking enough milk, making it much more interesting and meaningful to targeted teens and young adults.

We developed six TV ads: "Bowling', 'Giant Monster', 'Rock Paper Scissors', 'Foosball', 'Arm Wrestling', and 'Teen Power Team'. 

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