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Everyone should wake up to a great breakfast. It sets you up for what’s ahead and gives you the energy you need first thing. But, BC’s dairy farmers know it’s more than that. They believe that getting the best start to your day can also be the best part of your day. That’s why they work hard to make sure every kitchen (from the ones in restaurants to the one in your home) has what it needs to start the day with greatness. 

Your Breakfast Inspiration Starts Here:

French Toast with Green Tea Cereal Milk Golden Milk Pudding Alfredo Ham and Potato Frittata Chai Tea
French Toast with Green Tea Cereal Milk Golden Milk Pudding Trifle
with Orange and Ginger
Alfredo Ham & Potato Frittata Chai Tea

Watch the "Wake Up to the Best" episodes: 

We follow Tom and Scott in this mini series as they kick start their day with a wholesome breakfast and share with us the important relationship between farmers and chefs of all types. 

Tom is a 4th generation dairy farmer in Chilliwack, BC. While he admits he isn’t a strong morning person, he still starts his day at the crack of dawn to ensure British Columbians get the best start to their day with high quality products made from dairy producers in BC. 

Scott is the Head Chef at Jam Café in Vancouver, BC. Passionate about cooking since the tender age of 15, Scott believes a good breakfast carries you through the day. Using many BC dairy products for his restaurant dishes, the warmth and richness from dairy truly elevates food to the next level (hint: try the decadent cinnamon bun pancakes).

Wake Up to the Best Episode 1 Wake Up to the Best Episode 2 Wake Up to the Best Episode 3

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

More Ways To Start The Day Right

Sometimes there are extra challenges that get in the way of getting a hearty breakfast. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, our dairy farmers opened their hearts to local BC charities to help members of our community get a great start to their day. Here’s how they contributed to these charities:

  • BC dairy farmers donated $150,000 to Food Banks BC, along with 40,000 litres of milk, 5,217 kg of cheese, and 2,798 kg of butter to food banks across the province.

  • Partnering with Breakfast Club of Canada and 32 local restaurants, BC dairy farmers helped provide vulnerable children in BC with a healthy breakfast. From November 30 to January 3, 2021, BC dairy farmers donated one meal to Breakfast Club of Canada for every purchase of a featured breakfast item from participating restaurants which totalled 16,930 meals worth $51,790.

  • BC dairy farmer's ongoing partnership with Breakfast Club of Canada delivers $25,000 in dairy products each year to their hub schools in Chilliwack and Agassiz.

  • BC dairy farmers donated $20,000 in 2020 to S.U.C.C.E.S.S., a charitable organization that provides Chinese seniors in British Columbia with healthy food and access to activities and health services.

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