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This Sunday is Mother's Day and it's a perfect time to give hard working moms everywhere a day off from the kitchen. Get the kids involved and whip up one of these 5 delicious brunch recipes:

  1. Looking for something ethnic and unique? Try this Persian Herb Omelette that's sure to get mom's tastebuds fired up.
  2. Want an indulgent morning? This French Toast with Creamy Coffee Fudge Sauce may be the perfect thing for you. 
  3. If mom likes baked goods, try Blueberry Muffins with Cinnamon Crumb Topping. Serve with this Berry Special smoothie.  
  4.  Mini Frittatas are easy and a fun dish for young kids to prepare for mom's special day. 
  5. Looking for a delicious pancake recipe? Try these Apple Butterscotch Pancakes.

Happy Mother's Day!

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