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Titanium Chef is a finalist in the “Best Health Initiative” category at the 2010 International Dairy Federation awards. 

Titanium Chef, a free online role-playing game (RPG) designed to engage students in building skills to make healthy food choices and meet their recommendations from Canada's Food Guide (CFG) has been named a finalist at the 2010 International Dairy Federation awards on March 30th, 2010. With over 150 entries from 29 countries, the 2010 IDF Dairy Innovation Awards celebrates excellence in the global dairy industry, with categories designed to reward and champion innovation in health and nutrition, product development, functionality and environmental best practice.

Students who play Titanium Chef learn to classify foods within the four food groups, determine serving sizes, assess their own intake (and intake of others) and problem solve to be able to make healthy food choices. By helping students gain the skills to make healthy choices to meet CFG’s recommendations, Titanium Chef helps them to find ways to get their recommended Food Guide servings every day. 

Titanium Chef


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