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An easy way to brighten up any lunchbox.

Photo of Rainbow Fruit Kabobs


  • cutting board and knife
  • skewers


  • strawberries
  • cantaloupe
  • pineapple
  • green grapes
  • blackberries or blueberries
  • purple or red grapes

Other fruit of similar colours may be substituted.


  1. Hull strawberries (remove stem) and cut in half.
  2. Cut cantaloupe and pineapple into cubes.
  3. Rinse and stem green grapes, blackberries or blueberries and purple or red grapes.
  4. Thread fruit onto skewers in the following colour order to replicate a rainbow—red (strawberries), orange (cantaloupe), yellow (pineapple), green (grapes) blue (blueberries or blackberries), purple (grapes).

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