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Pantry raid! Check your cupboards: add foods to nourish your #100mealjourney! #nutritionmonth click to tweet Twitter

Get your kitchen pantry ready for action by stocking up with these foods:

• Vegetables and fruit: fresh, dried and canned.

• Whole grains: oats, barley, quinoa, pasta, cereals, crackers, breads.

• Nuts, seeds and nut butters: pumpkin seeds, flax, natural peanut butter.

• Canned and dried pulses: lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans.

• Fish: canned tuna or salmon.

Don't forget to also stock up on these five fresh foods for your fridge and five frozen foods for your freezer.

by Rola Zahr, MPH, RD

Adapted from The Dietitians of Canada’s Nutrition Month Campaign Materials. Find more information about Nutrition Month

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