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March is Nutrition Month across Canada. This year’s theme focuses on how Registered Dietitians help promote health and wellness in the workplace and across their communities. For over 40 years, the registered dietitians at BC Dairy Association have been developing nutrition education materials for teachers and health professionals across BC. Based on sound educational design, it's no surprise that these materials really work to help people eat well.  

To celebrate Nutrition Month 2021, BC Dairy will highlight a topic, theme, or education material to help you reach your healthy eating goals each week of the month. Healthy eating looks different for everyone. We are here to help.

Don't forget to download or order your free poster! See below.

Weekly Themes

March is Nutrition Month!

Cooking and Eating Together

How you eat is as important as what you eat. Cooking and sharing meals at home is a great way to support healthy eating and celebrate cultural traditions. Get into the kitchen with Better Together, a hands-on approach to family, food, and fun! Try some family fun recipes and even make your own cookbook.

March is Nutrition Month!

Microbiome, Probiotics, and Prebiotics

Made up of trillions of microbes, each person’s unique microbiome should be celebrated for its diversity and its impact on our health. To learn how dairy products like yogurt and other plant-based products and prebiotic foods help support a healthy gut, click here. 

Curious about making your own yogurt? We’ve got you covered.

March is Nutrition Month!

Dietitians Day: Spotlight on BC Dairy dietitians. 

March 17th is Registered Dietitians Day across Canada. Today we want to say thank you to all the BC Dairy dietitians and nutrition educators who have worked with us throughout the years to make a healthy BC. Your work delivering nutrition education workshops, writing articles, developing award winning materials and learning opportunities is appreciated. 

We also want to thank our past, current and future dietetic interns and 5th year students for your support as well. Our success would not be possible without you.

March is Nutrition Month!

Mindful Eating

Healthy eating is more than just focusing on what you eat. Read on to explore the concept of mindful eating and learn how you can incorporate it into your life. 

Looking for practice? Cook one of these recipes and savour your flavours!: Trinidad Doubles with Salad, Golden Milk Pudding Trifle, Local Curds and Way-to-go-Salad.

March is Nutrition Month!

Bone health, a lifetime of choices. 

No bones about it—most British Columbians don’t get enough calcium. Help your bones by eating calcium-rich foods daily. To learn what foods you can eat, try the Calcium Calculator™—a free mobile app developed by the dietitians at BC Dairy. Available in the App Store and Google Play.

Teachers and Educators

Looking for professional development? Starting with the early years, we train early childhood educators about how they can help children learn how to enjoy food and eat well. Learn more here.

Our nutrition education programs for the K-12 years make it easy to teach nutrition using BC’s new curriculum. Teachers everywhere in BC can participate in a virtual workshop to get colourful materials and great ideas for making nutrition come alive in the classroom. Register here

Teachers and Health Professionals

Nutrition Month Posters are now available. If you are a BC teacher or health professional, order your nutrition month posters from BC Dairy Association. This year’s poster celebrates both our food choices and the influences that inspire each of us to eat.

French and English posters can be ordered here

Supplies are limited. Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Visit for downloadable alternative versions best suited for your practice or classroom. 

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