Park’N Fly

Save up to 70% off airport parking with

BC Dairy corporate discount: #377620

How to Access: 

  1.  Quote discount code at the counter – can be used for both leisure and business travel. No pre-booking or reservations required! 
    *****Park’N Fly counter staff cannot look up codes based on company name – so it’s very important that all staff have the exact code on them. BC Dairy’s code is: #377620


  2. Join the Rewards Program to receive the discount automatically
    Individuals that travel frequently can register online to expedite their service and receive the discount automatically every time they park with us.
    Click here for the discount code link.

Benefits Include:

  • By Pass the counter line by using the card at our kiosk machines.
  • Receive Corporate Discount Rates automatically every time you park– just swipe and save!
  • 150 Aero plan points for each stay will be added to their profile per stay.
  • Earn loyalty points which goes towards FREE PARKING. Learn more about loyalty points here
  • Receive a text message when you land to have your car ready upon your return –  No need to call in: click Yes to receive the text messages when registering.  There are no news or deals sent via Text.
For questions, please contact:
Nemrita Mehdirata
Business Development Manager – Western Canada
Phone: (604) 270-9476 x 424
Email: nmehdirata@parknfly.ca

About BC Dairy

BC Dairy is a not-for-profit organization representing BC’s dairy farmers.