What is Food for Us?

Food For Us is an 8 lesson program designed to help teach students in grades 2-3 explore foods and where they come from. Developed by registered dietitians, Food For Us provides teachers with fun, easy to follow lesson plans that meet BC curriculum standards.  Teaching the program in your classroom also provides you with age-appropriate resources to teach food and nutrition in your classroom. 

Filled with opportunities for experiential learning, students have fun exploring a variety of foods and food groups while learning where their food comes. Food For Us exposes students to a variety of foods and teaches them how these foods get from the farm, forest, and water to their lunch boxes.

Cover of Food for us! student materials

About the Food For Us program.

Food For Us provides a guided exploration of a variety of foods and different food groupings along with age-appropriate information on where these foods come from. Food For Us can be taught over an 8 week period or throughout your whole school year. With additional extension activities and curriculum integration, the program teaches students basic food and nutrition skills through interactive and fun lessons. 

Once you have completed the workshop you will be eligible to order our workshop kit which will provide you with all of the materials you need to run the program. Program materials are only available to teachers who have taken the workshop. The Food For Us kit includes a teacher guide with classroom activities, extensions, and links and activities to home.  A class set of student booklets and food picture cards also comes with the program.

Food For Us learning outcomes.

After completing this program, it is expected that students will:

  • Identify a wide variety of foods and where they come from.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to participate in food exploration including looking, touching, smelling, preparing, and tasting.
  • Classify foods into the following three groupings:
    • Vegetables & fruits,
    • Breads, cereals & more
    • Beans, meat, milk & more

How to teach the Food For Us program?

To teach the program and receive the materials, teacher participation in a workshop led by a BC Dairy registered dietitian is required. Workshops last about 60 minutes.  All workshops and program materials are free of charge and can be ordered yearly at no additional cost. 

About the Food For Us workshop.

Participation in the workshop will provide teachers with:

  • Information on the Food For Us program materials and the philosophy behind the program
  • Equip you with strategies to help your students develop positive feelings about food and eating
  • Provide lesson plans and experiential activities to learn about food and where it comes from
  • Links to Canada’s Food Guide and BC Curriculum.

How to take a workshop?

In-person workshops are available for Pro-D days, by request only.

Coming, Spring of 2023!  Learn at your own pace.  Our new online workshop series will be a self-guided tour of the program.

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