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The average cow...

  • eats about 50 kilograms of food a day, which would equal to 1,675 servings of cereal
  • drinks about 120 litres of water in a day, the equivalent of a bathtub full of water
  • weighs between 1400 - 1600 lbs which is roughly 8 adult men
  • spends 10 hours of the day eating, 8 hours of the day lying down and 6 hours a day being milked, walking around their stalls and socializing with their herd mates
  • is milked twice a day AND some cows enjoy listening to music in the milking parlour while they are being milked

For more fun facts about cows and the dairy industry register your school for a Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience visit or watch for us at local exhibtions and fairs throughout the province.  

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