Program on pause.

The BC Dairy Classroom is on hold until further notice. At this time we are not accepting event requests.

As circumstances change we will provide an update in this space. Thank you for your interest in our program.

About the BC Dairy Classroom.

The BC Dairy Classroom is a fun and interactive educational program that brings you a dairy experience students will never forget. It is a fifth-wheel trailer that has been modified to fit a milking system, and room to transport a cow and calf to schools and events across the province of British Columbia free of charge. The program delivers live milking demonstrations to a range of audiences.

Mobile dairy classroom staff teaching kids about cow breeds.

“We had the opportunity to have the Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience come to us. It was unexpectedly fun, it was a hit with the kids, and even the adults learned a lot!”

– Director Of Events, Langley City

Bringing the dairy farm to you.

During the demonstrations, a presenter describes the process of producing milk, speaks about the dairy industry, and allows the audience to engage in discussion and questions, while a facilitator demonstrates the milking process with a live dairy cow. This experience is designed to help bridge the urban-rural divide while giving the audience an authentic depiction of the dairy industry.