Innovation in Nutrition Education

BC Dairy is committed to promoting health and wellness in BC. As experts in nutrition education, our registered dietitians promote the adoption of healthy eating habits through evidence-based and engaging nutrition education programs, resources, and tools for educators and health professionals. Our nutrition education materials are designed to help people learn to eat well and develop positive relationships with food.

Carmen Gorlick, RD

I am a food lover, passionate dietitian, and adventure seeker at heart. I became a dietitian as a way to combine my love of science, food, and my desire to help individuals lead a healthy lifestyle.

I am proud to say I was born and raised in the prairies. I grew up in Saskatoon and studied nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan. Shortly after becoming a Registered Dietitian, I moved to beautiful BC and fell in love with the moderate climate and the endless options of outdoor activities. I currently am working towards my master’s degree in public health and social policy through the University of Victoria.

I feel it is important for fellow British Columbians to have an understanding of the journey of our food, from farm to table. I believe this will help foster a sense of gratitude for the incredibly abundant, safe, and delicious food supply we have access to right in our own backyards. I am grateful to work for hard-working BC farmers who contribute to this food supply every day.

Joel Barohn, MS, RD, Chef

I am fortunate to work for the hard-working dairy farmers throughout BC. Before joining BC Dairy, I worked as a Health and Wellness Program Coordinator for a Texas-based dairy association. I am proud to say I have worked for dairy farmers in both Canada and the US.

Prior to moving to Vancouver, I attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, and later taught culinary school to the public. My passion for food and a growing interest in nutrition led me to discover the intersection between what we eat and our health. I soon decided to become a Registered Dietitian and combine my passion for education, good food, and wellness. In addition to community engagement, I also enjoy talking to youth about sports nutrition.

Outside of work I love to travel, look at art, play sports, explore the outdoors, and spend time with my wife. I believe success is gained through partnerships and feel as a community, we can make a healthier BC.