Discover BC’s food system.

Do your students know where their food comes from? What impact does buying BC food have on the environment, economy and communities of BC? Learn about BC’s food system and how we produce, process, distribute and acquire local food.

In this workshop, we will review the components of the food system, from production to processing, distribution, access and consumption, taking into consideration the inputs needed and the outputs generated along the way.

This teacher resource is based on the BC At The Table video, which introduces students to the food system for four BC foods: produce, grains, dairy and salmon. We will also define our role within the food system in BC and explore some of the issues related to sustainability.

A folder with teacher discussion guides and student resources is included in the workshop. (1-1.5 hours)

Start teaching about the BC food system in your classroom.

This workshop is offered on request. Find a group of teachers who are interested in this program and contact us about coming to your school or setting up a virtual workshop. Contact us to request this workshop.