2012 Conference Highlights: Dr. Patrick Moore

Keynote speaker, Dr. Patrick Moore, delivers controversial and thought-provoking conversations

This year’s keynote speaker at the BC Dairy Industry Conference was Dr. Patrick Moore, the former founder of Greenpeace and the current Chair and Chief Scientist of the environmental consulting firm, Greenspirit Strategies. In his talk, Dr. Moore revealed what he calls “the myths and misinformation” that distort current environmental debates. He told the group how the organization started and the reasons why he distanced himself after 30 years to found a movement based on science and logic. From energy dependence to climate change, Dr. Moore used a thought-provoking and engaging way to make us think differently on some of the most controversial environmental topics in the news today.

We’d like to thank Dr. Moore for making us think critical about environmental challenges. If you are interested in reading his book, Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout, you can find more information on his website.

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