2013 Conference Highlights: Ian Hanomansing

News anchor and journalist Ian Hanomansing delivers a keynote speech at the 5th annual BC Dairy Industry Conference.

The affable Ian Hanomansing effortlessly entertained a packed room while delivering a thoroughly entertaining keynote address.

Touching heavily upon the importance of transparency and honesty in journalism, Ian spoke for over an hour and stopped multiple times to take questions from the audience. Drawing on a number of examples from throughout his career, Mr. Hanomansing discussed the experience of being misquoted in the press, one-sided journalism, and the state of ethics in a modern media landscape.

He also spoke to the subject of public fascination with social media, and how proper metrics are not often applied in gauging the efficacy of this technology.

Perhaps most importantly, Ian told a humorous tale about how motivated and vocal the dairy community can be when a reporter doesn’t get the facts of a dairy-related story quite right—something he learned on a story a few years back.

Lesson learned Ian.  Lesson learned.

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