Our story.

BC’s dairy farmers have been working hard to bring high-quality dairy to kitchens across the province for generations. And, here at BC Dairy, we work to bridge the gap from farm to table – strengthening connections between you and the people making the food you love.

For us, that means showcasing the pride that our farmers feel in providing for their community, promoting the values they share with consumers (like safety and quality), and highlighting just how they’re taking care of BC for future generations.

At the end of the day, we exist to make sure that good, honest work, and delicious, nutritious dairy from BC will always have a seat at the table. Cheers.

Farm family at fence petting their cows

Our vision.

Better together for Canadian dairy

Our mission.

Inspiring, innovating, and collaborating to build a healthy Canadian dairy industry

Guiding behaviours.

Think bigger

Key result areas.

National relationships
Processing and processor relationships
Producer engagement

Our team.

BC Dairy is a not-for-profit association that represents BC’s dairy farmers. BC Dairy takes direction from a Board of elected and appointed dairy producer representatives, and is operated by a staff team.

Board of Directors

Both appointed and elected directors make up BC Dairy’s Board.

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These are the people behind the programs, resources, campaigns and events you know as BC Dairy.

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BC Dairy Governance

The BC Dairy Association is a not for profit organization established by BC dairy producers under the BC Societies Act to represent their collective interests as described in the BC Dairy Constitution.

Governance opportunities

Get involved.

Are you interested in being more active in the organization? Find out more about available roles for BC dairy producers in leadership & governance, government advocacy, and research.

BC Dairy Association Annual Reports

Dairy Industry Development Council

The elected and appointed directors of BC Dairy also serve as members of the Dairy Industry Development Council (DIDC).