Animal Cruelty Charges Laid Against Chilliwack Cattle Sales – B.C. Dairy Association Responds

As the representative organization of British Columbia’s dairy farmers, we respect the investigation by the BC Crown Counsel and the outcome of their investigation.

The BC Dairy Association have been involved in this incident since early on. We have worked closely with the BCSPCA, the B.C. Provincial Government and the BC Milk Marketing Board on this issue. 

The events depicted in the Mercy For Animals video were greatly disturbing to those of us in the dairy industry at both the provincial and national level, as they were strongly contrary to acceptable industry animal care practices. We supported a full investigation into the matter and we are pleased the results of the investigation have been announced.

Our focus as an association in the aftermath of this incident has been on investigation and implementation of strengthened measures and industry changes that further assure animal care on B.C. Dairy Farms. Our industry has consistently taken this issue very seriously and we’ve taken strong steps internally and with our external stakeholder groups.    

  • In partnership with the BCSPCA and BC Ministry of Agriculture, we have endorsed referencing the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Dairy Cattle in the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.
  • We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the BCSPCA and implemented a close joint-organizational working relationship around animal care complaints.
  • The ProAction Dairy Animal Care program has gone into implementation across British Columbia. Adoption on dairy farms across BC is mandatory.
  • The BC Milk Marketing Board made the Code of Practice mandatory for all BC producers in 2014. Random farm inspections ensuring Code compliance are conducted by an independent animal welfare evaluator on an ongoing basis.
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