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BC Dairy Expo 2015 Speaker Profile: Dr. Don Höglund

Dr. Don Höglund has been called an uber trainer for Hollywood Celebrities, but he prefers to be known for his accomplishments in safe and efficient large animal handling. His dozens of articles have appeared in countless publications, his seminars have been conducted around the world, his non-fiction book was a best seller, and he helped produce the largest-grossing live-entertainment show in the world; “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West” for Walt Disney Company in Paris, France.

Put simply, Don Höglund is a large animal veterinarian who chose livestock handling and humane treatment of animals in agriculture and entertainment as a professional way of life. From training thousands of hardened prison inmates to handle wild horses humanely to a life as a live-entertainment animal trainer, Dr. Höglund couples the art and science of animal welfare to the practical applications of animal behavior on-farm, in the pen, and in real-time. His greatest pleasure is teaching the practical side of behavioral science to dairy, beef, and swine farm staff. If you want to learn how to understand animal behavior and handle livestock humanely, learn it from the co-author of the upcoming 2015 Elsevier Publishers text-book “Humane Livestock Handling: the practical application of welfare science.”

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