Brief Breakfasts

Never have time for breakfast? Try some of these easy ideas!

  • To get started—try some drinks and smoothies from this website, or create your own—use equal parts of fruit (fresh, frozen, canned, or juice) and a milk product of your choice (yogurt, milk, buttermilk)
  • Try your favourite yogurt and fruit without blending it
  • Leftover dinners (stir-fry, casserole…) make great breakfasts—just heat and eat!
  • Leftover pizza makes another great breakfast
  • For variety, mix a couple of cereals together
  • Add milk or yogurt and some fruit to your cereal
  • Warm up congee
  • For something really fast—grab a piece of cheese, bread and fruit—you’re on your way!
  • Keep frozen waffles (homemade or purchased) for quick pop-in-the-toaster breakfasts
  • Make a batch of muffins on the weekend—freeze extras for a quick bite to eat during the week
  • Start your day off with a good source of fibre—add bran or dried fruit to your cereal, pancakes or muffins
  • Make your coffee a caffè latte—then add a muffin or scone and fruit
  • Try cinnamon toast—just sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on your toast—raisin bread makes a great choice!
  • Have a quick and satisfying start with a whole grain bagel, peanut butter and sliced banana— wash it down with a glass of milk or latte
  • Make a quick hot breakfast—put 75 mL oatmeal and 150 mL water in a bowl and microwave 2–3 minutes—add chopped apple and cinnamon for a change
  • Make a quick wrap for anytime of the day—scrambled egg (microwaved) in a soft tortilla with salsa and shredded cheese— enjoyed with some juice
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