Buy Local this Holiday Season

It’s that time of year! Family and friends are coming over, presents must be bought and holiday treats must be prepared. Before you consider venturing to our southern neighbour with your shopping list, there are a few things to consider.

When you buy local, you actively contribute to the economy of BC and help sustain community programs that we utilize as tax payers. Every $1 spent in your community promotes the growth and sustainability of BC and promotes local businesses. Supply managed dairy farms in BC provide $5.6 billion in annual economic output on a total of 470 family owned and operated dairy farms. When you buy milk in the store, you can rest assured that you’re buying local Canadian dairy.

Still curious about buying local dairy products? Take an opportunity to hear about Little Qualicum Cheeseworks or Birchwood Dairy Farm and see how you can support local BC dairy farmers!

About BC Dairy

BC Dairy is a not-for-profit organization representing BC’s dairy farmers.