Changes With BC Dairy Foundation & BC Milk Producers Association

We are now the BC Dairy Association!

The BC Dairy Foundation has been dedicated to increasing consumption of milk in BC and delivering innovative nutrition education programs to British Columbia consumers for over 30 years. Over the same time period, BC Milk Producers Association has supported BC dairy producers with programs and initiatives to promote a vibrant and sustainable industry that supplies the best quality milk to consumers. Both organizations are funded by the dairy producers of BC. And for the past six years, both organizations have been managed from the same office.

The two organizations believe that after 30 years it is time for a change. In order to reduce duplication of effort and improve the effectiveness of the organizations the BC Dairy Foundation and BC Milk Producers Association will merge into one, the BC Dairy Association, on December 1, 2011.

Why the new name, BC Dairy Association?

The new name of BC Dairy Association is a combination of BC Dairy Foundation and BC Milk Producers Association. We will still be a registered not-for-profit society.

Why do this now?

Two organizations mean two boards with the attendant duplication of directors, administration, staff and costs. It makes sense to have one organization with one office.

How will the changes affect me as a user of services from the BC Dairy Foundation?

There will be absolutely no changes to the services that you currently receive from the Foundation. The nutrition and school milk programs will remain the same. Our milk promotion activities will not change nor will the staff that you currently deal with.

How will the changes affect me as a user of services from the BC Milk Producers Association?

There will be no changes to the services or programs currently offered by the BC Milk Producers Association. Staff and contact numbers will remain the same.

About BC Dairy

BC Dairy is a not-for-profit organization representing BC’s dairy farmers.