Emergency Management BC (EMBC) has a livestock relocation policy that allows for financial support for eligible portions of livestock relocation during an Evacuation Alert or Evacuation order. Dairy producers and transporters may be eligible for financial support for the following:

  • Transport of evacuated cattle
  • Feed and board of cattle at a buddy farm

The EMBC Livestock Relocation Policy is reimbursement based. The rate card for reimbursement (these are subject to review) can be found here. Please review both the Livestock Relocation Policy and the rate card carefully before applying. It’s important for all involved in cattle relocation to keep records of their costs incurred. Cattle transporters and host farms will need to have invoices for costs incurred for feed, boarding and transport.

Abbotsford application process:

Below is the process that needs to be followed to apply if you are located in the Abbotsford Evacuation Order or Alert area. If you are located in a different Evacuation Order or Alert area, see the bottom of this section.

STEP 1: Dairy farms located within an Evacuation Order or Alert zone need to contact the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries at AFFEOCOps7.AEOCFinance@gov.bc.ca to start a file for their farm. You will need to have your Premise ID of your home farm ready to provide, and the Premise ID of your host farm(s).

STEP 2: Once a file has been started for the evacuated farm and approved by the EOC, you will be assigned an Expense Approval File (EAF) number. With this EAF number in hand, you can notify your cattle transporter and buddy farm operator to start preparing invoices for eligible costs incurred. Whether another farmer helped transport, or a transportation company–both are considered eligible to apply for partial reimbursement under the livestock policy. Note: If you transported your own cattle, or someone from your family transported your cattle, your expenses are unfortunately not eligible under the policy.

STEP 3: Once the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) approves a file for the evacuated farm and issues an EAF number, the EOC will reach out directly to you with further instructions on how your buddy farm/transporters can submit invoices. Below are a couple of points of guidance for those who are looking to begin preparing invoices:

All invoices must have the farm-specific EAF number clearly identified.
In your invoice, reference the service provided (transportation and/or feed and housing).
Refer to the rate card for the amount per cost category that is eligible to be reimbursed. Please ensure you are invoicing for the rates within the rate card.
Only invoices that meet the rate card criteria will be reviewed.

Fraser Valley areas outside of Abbotsford – process:

If you are located in Yarrow or another jurisdiction that was placed under Evacuation Order or Alert due to flooding, you need to contact your local Emergency Operations Center to complete Livestock Relocation Policy paperwork. EOC numbers are here.