About DairyPro

What is a DairyPro?

This exciting and rewarding certified apprenticeship program offers learners an industry recognized Certificate of Qualification. BC Dairy Association in conjunction with the Industry Training Authority of British Columbia (ITABC) developed the DairyPro program in response to industry need for well trained, knowledgeable and experienced, Dairy Production Technicians. DairyPro BC students are exposed to a vast array subject matter including animal husbandry, quality milk production and up to date best management practices. 

Upon completing the DairyPro BC program, technicians will be equipped with the following skills:

  • Technicians are aware and capable of adhering to regulatory quality requirements and standards for milk collection; 
  • They will be well verses in site sanitization and maintenance of automated milking equipment and milk handling systems including bulk storage tanks; 
  • Acquired expertise in the field of animal health including herd health, feeding and reproduction management;
  • Technicians are prepared to detech and treat health issues, including the safe and effective administration of treatment, proper documentation and administring best judgement in all matters of cow comfort; 
  • Dairy technicians are comfortable with communicating with management, veterinarians, sales reps and fellow employees and capable of applying learned knowledge to day to day on-farm decision making.