Why a Career in the BC Dairy Industry

  • Photo of Leah Hylkema’s Industry Profile

    Leah Hylkema, Fraser Valley, BC

  • Photo of Cameron Pollard’s Industry Profile

    Cameron Pollard, Fraser Valley, BC

  • Photo of Heidi Schurmann’s Industry Profile

    Heidi Schurmann, Clearbrook Grain, Abbotsford, BC

  • Photo of Evelyn Verneer’s Industry Profile

    Evelyn Verneer, Marlena Farms, Ltd., Dewdney, BC

The BC dairy industry is one of the province’s oldest renewable and sustainable sectors – economically, socially and environmentally. The industry produces a nutritionally important, natural and tasty product.

Rewarding and Challenging Jobs

There is a broad range of interesting work. While jobs may follow a routine, they are rewarding and provide variety and challenge.

Training and Career Opportunities

A certified apprenticeship training program allows you to “earn while you learn.” Many exciting and interesting career opportunities exist across the industry.

Stable and Permanent Industry

The industry is not impacted by cyclical demands and there is a guaranteed market share for product.

Lifestyle Industry

The industry allows you to work with animals and nature and have some time off during the day.  It is family friendly where one can enjoy a flexible workload and schedule, and the benefits of a clean, healthy, country lifestyle.

Career Growth Opportunities

The DPT credentials are based on a transportable skill set. Dairy production occurs around the world.


The industry is run by knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated producers who are passionate about what they do.

Progressive Innovative Technology

This dynamic industry utilizes a range of advanced technology, including state of the art computer systems and management tools.

Good Wages

Industry pays above average wages and offers benefits and perks which may include accommodation, transportation, performance bonuses, etc.