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Does Milk Contain Growth Hormones and Antibiotics?

Canadian dairy farmers do not use growth hormones such as BST or rbGH and ensure their milk is free of antibiotics.

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Mobile Dairy Classroom Experience

A fun and interactive educational experience for all ages.

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Milk Run BC 2017

Run, walk, wheel, or skate to promote school spirit, healthy lifestyles, and community involvement!

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To Infinity and Beyond: Space-Age Robots Popping Up In The Dairy Industry

Robotic milking machines are becoming increasingly popular in the dairy industry. How do they work and what are the benefits of going high-tech for cows and farmers?

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What Is In Store For The Future of Canada's Supply Management System?

An interview with Samantha Gambling

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Meet BC Dairy Farmers: Ridley Wikkerink

Ridley Wikkerink has farmed all of his life, and is a second-generation dairy farmer.

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Breakfast on the Farm a Great Success

This year's Breakfast on the Farm was a two-day event with over 1,200 total visitors.

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Farming For the Future: Soil Conservation on BC Dairy Farms

As stewards of the land for generations, farmers know first-hand the importance of soil conservation. Dairy farmers in particular need healthy soil to grow food to feed to their cows.

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ProAction - Food Safety (formerly CQM): How to perfect your treatment records

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Is there pus in milk?

No. Milk doesn't contain pus. Find out more about this myth.

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Easter on the Farm with the Treurs

Easter weekend marks the beginning of a new season on dairy farms..

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48th Annual BC Dairy Expo Farm Tours

The 48th Annual BC Dairy Expo Farm Tours took place on Wednesday January 27th, 2016. Six farms throughout the Fraser Valley opened their farm doors to members of the public and dairy community.

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