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The Canadian Quality Milk program will be mandatory for all dairy producers in BC as of January 31st, 2013.

The CQM program is an on-farm food safety program designed to help producers prevent, monitor and reduce food safety risks on their farms.

The CQM program is based on the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points), which is a science-based, preventative approach to food safety that focuses on preventing and minimizing the risk of food safety hazards. The CQM program is recognized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as being technically sound and based on science. Producers on the program strive to improve milk and meat safety on their farms by:

  • Keeping permanent records to monitor critical control points
  • Following best management practices related to milk and meat safety
  • Developing standard operating procedures to identify tasks and responsibilities
  • Developing corrective action plans to ensure that family and staff know what to do if something goes wrong

Dairy producers on the CQM program closely monitor the following key areas of milk and meat safety:

  • Milking treated animals (prevention of residues in milk)
  • Effective cooling and storage of milk
  • Shipping animals (prevention of residues and physical hazards in meat)
  • Use of livestock medicines and chemicals
  • Rigorous sanitation of milking equipment
  • Assessment of wash water for microbiological parameters

Producers also implement best management practices in other areas such as manure management, feeding, animal identification, medicine and chemical storage, milking, and staff training.

Producers on the CQM program:

  • Say what they do
  • Do what they say
  • Prove they do it
  • Improve it, if necessary

Dairy producers care about the quality of their product. That's why the Canadian Quality Milk Program (CQM) is a priority of the BC Milk Producers Association. The program was developed by the Dairy Farmers of Canada and is recognized by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. It is an on-farm food safety program that helps producers prevent, monitor and reduce food safety risks on their farms. BC milk is already amongst the highest in quality across the country, and CQM is yet another measure towards improving the already high standards our farms employ.

For more information contact:
Carla Soutar
Telephone: 604-293-2390
Fax: 1-866-873-7720

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