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This exciting and rewarding certified apprenticeship program offers learners two potential industry recognized Certificate of Qualification. The program is open to individuals seeking careers in the dairy industry or those already in the industry wishing to earn their trade credential. Completion of Grade 10 including English and Science are recommended. Grade 12 graduation with Science and Biology is preferred. Successful completion of the program results in a DPT1 (Dairy Production Technician 1) and DPT2 (Dairy Production Technician 2-Herdsperson). These credentials may be transferrable to other areas in Canada.

During the program, students attend class several days during the month and work the remainder of the days on the farm of their Employer. Apprentices receive salary as negotiated with the Employer. Fair market value for salary is expected.

The program combines in-class instruction with on-farm work experience over a two-year period. Classroom session for Dairy Production Technician 1, begins Nov. 1 2010, and will take place in the Fraser Valley. Classroom instructors are Veterinarians who are experienced in all areas of Dairy production, health and maintenance.

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